The experts say, and the evidence shows, that Planet Earth (and all who sail in her too) stands on a precipice. The climate change conversation is too overwhelming for people even to contemplate. Fabled and awe-inspiring creatures teeter on the brink of extinction, brought to their knees by humans incapable of controlling their consumptive greed. At the other end of the chain, 25% of plant species and 45% of insects have disappeared since 1980, yet 80% of human diet relies on insects. Go figure.

The naked truth about it is that millions feel passionate but helpless.  Apathy abounds. We continue to fiddle whilst Rome burns (and the Maldives drown). So those that care must do everything they can, individually and collectively, to love and to cherish, from this day forward, our beautiful world. 


My proposition: 

I want to be a bridge between consumers who care and organisations that are doing the best conservation work. Buy a print from me and I shall make a contribution to conservation efforts with every purchase.

Please become a partner organisation and help spread the word within your own big or small communities and convert the powerful, collective passion that's out there for beautiful nature images into funds for conservation work.

The aim. Simple. To make sure these pictures remain out there for real, for all those creatures, human and otherwise, coming on behind. Amen.